Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ace Energy company's juice energy product: Ace Energy+Juice

This is a fine product from an slowly rising energy drink company. The company also features a regular energy drink, and a low calorie energy drink. Now, down to business.

Appearance: 3.5 of 5

Taste: 3 of 5

Energy Quality: 2.5 of 5

Overall: 3 of 5

Appearance: The first thoughts when looking at a can of Ace Energy+Juice is for me, as for most males, "Hey, there's a sexy woman on the front." Always a positive point. Closer examination of the woman leaves you with the sense that she is almost creepy, due to the pixelation of her image, especially the face. Still, i give them points for the notion. Moving on from her, the next thing you might notice is the WWII look they were going for. They talk about dogfights, show silhouettes of planes, bombs, and the can even has graphics that look like bullet holes throughout the front. The entire can looks like it could be an old airplane with the bolt design all over and the chipped paint look of the front. Overall, the look is very satisfying and leaves me eager to try this drink.

Taste: Unfortunately, the appearance may be the strong point of this drink. The first sip tastes like a very sweet orange juice mixed with a little lemonade, and highly carbonated. To be honest, it is very strange at first. However, as you drink more, and know what to expect, it becomes more and more satisfying to the tastebuds. To be perfectly fair, juice energy is not my first choice of energy drink, so there may be some bias against the flavor by my tastebuds. Overall, although the taste is weird, it becomes very tolerable, and even a little satisfying.

Energy Quality: This is a very individual issue as everyones tolerance for caffeine is different, but, assumably since whoever is reading this is probably almost as into energy drinks as I am, all i can offer is my very high tolerance perspective. I didn't have much hope for this energy drink, as it is a juice, and the official webisite describes it as a "morning energy drink." The product contains around 135 Mg of caffeine. Not too much at all. To put that into perspective, a Coca-Cola has 35 Mg, and a Monster has 160 Mg. After quickly drinking down the rest of the can, i notice slight heartbeat increase, slight dialation in pupils, slightly more alertness, all within about 3 minutes. Nothing to write home about. Overall, after drinking i still felt a little tired, maybe even a little more irritable than before.

All In All: This drink is very, decent. It may not taste the best, and it may not give the same energy punch as similar products, but it has a nice design, and is fairly cheap. Personally, I was able to buy mine at my local Big Lots for $0.75, and it's a whole 16 Oz. can. A great value! If you'd like to pick some up, there is a map from their website below that show's the availability of their product.


  1. Ya this looks like a unique energy drink, DO WANT.

  2. Sweet man! I love energy drinks! A blog that reviews them!??!
    I'm in.

    Oh and I love pin-up girls :-P


  3. I like to try this, it seems like its right up my alley.

  4. Is it recent? I mean it looks like from the 60's...so cool!

  5. I've actually had this drink and I must say, it is quite awesome!